At Directions for Living, we are proud to provide the highest quality of services for clients in need throughout our community. All of these services are inter-connected along a continuum of care, and designed so that no matter how you first access Directions for Living’s services, you will have a variety of additional resources available to you as needed.  These integrated services are ever-evolving as we respond to new trends in client needs and as we incorporate the newest evidence based practices.


Our Adult Mental Health services are centered on evidence-based practices and the latest research-supported interventions to restore and improve the quality of life for each individual served.

These services include:


In partnership with Central Florida Behavioral Health Network
Adult Therapy includes individual, couples’, and family counseling for those affected by trauma, mental illness, or substance abuse, using evidence-based practices and the latest research-supported interventions to restore and improve the quality of life for each individual served.


In partnership with Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Directions for Living employs two full-time Licensed Therapists, referred to as Navigators, who are partnered with law enforcement officers to respond to and follow up on mental health-related calls. The newly formed PCSO Mental Health Unit aims to correctly respond to individuals that are coming into frequent contact with law enforcement due to their mental illness. The Unit provides and links them to services that will hopefully lead to a more permanent solution.


Assisted Outpatient Treatment is an intensive wraparound approach to treat individuals who are not following voluntary outpatient treatment resulting in frequent Baker Acts/Arrests due to their mental health issues. In this program, individuals are court-ordered into a 90-day intensive program with the projected outcome that they will be successfully graduated to voluntary outpatient for ongoing support. AOT is a partnership between DFL and Pinellas County Health and Human Services and is a court-ordered
treatment program.

TRACE (Telehealth Remote Access to Crisis Evaluation)

TRACE (Telehealth Remote Access to Crisis Evaluation) is a program that allows Law Enforcement Officers to have immediate access to Directions for Living Counselors while in the field responding to our community’s emergency calls. Our goals include:

• To support officers by providing mental health expertise, assessment, and guidance directly to officers and individuals in crisis in real-time, all at the push of a button.

• To decrease unnecessary Baker Acts and arrests through on-demand mental health assessments, engagement, and access to timely mental health services.

• To help with de-escalation, provide direct linkage to services, and support to individuals experiencing an emergent mental health crisis.

TRACE is one of a few cutting edge new programs rolling out nationwide to support law enforcement when responding to mental health crisis with on-demand telehealth from local behavioral health experts.


In partnership with Central Florida Behavioral Health Network
Adult Psychiatry evaluates and treats those with acute, mild to severe, and / or chronic emotional or mental illness through medication therapy and monitoring.


In partnership with Central Florida Behavioral Health Network
Facilitated by Recovery Peer Specialists or Counselors, our groups for teens and adults allow clients to share and relate to each other while learning new coping skills, life skills training, addiction supports, and more.


In partnership with Pinellas County
We partner with dozens of locations across the community to provide specialized mental health services so that even more Pinellas County residents have access to Directions for Living’s care. These co-locations include local Departments of Health, shelters, clinics, outreach centers, and more.


In partnership with Clearwater Police Department
Directions for Living staff work on the Mental Health Check Team to help those who are coming into frequent contact with law enforcement due to their mental illness. The team encourages these clients to engage with services that will help provide them stability and treatment.


Our Children’s Mental Health services are designed for children who have experienced trauma, including loss and grief, depression, anxiety, abuse histories and addictions. These services can be provided at our Largo Center, or even in the child’s home, which often allows them to feel most comfortable.

These services include:


In partnership with the Juvenile Welfare Board and Central Florida Behavioral Health Network
Therapy for our littlest clients can be individual or with the whole family, and assists in managing mild to moderate behavioral or emotional needs which can stem from trauma, including school behavior difficulties, adoption related issues, thoughts of suicide or self-harm, abuse histories, and addictions. We teach kids problem solving skills, behavior strategies, and anger management skills, among other therapeutic tools.


In partnership with Juvenile Welfare Board and Central Florida Behavioral Health Network
Children’s Psychiatry evaluates and treats children with acute, mild to severe, and / or chronic emotional or mental illness through medication therapy and monitoring, including the treatment of commonly diagnosed childhood disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


A Mental Health Professional will intervene and engage with the family to reduce obstacles that exist and allow for a more normative and less restrictive parent/child engagement.  Therapeutic visitation is more of a family treatment model utilizing interventions similar to family therapy or parent coaching in the context of visitation.  The facilitating Mental Health Professional can provide assessment and intervention in an attempt to repair family relationships, and can provide reports to the Court as directed regarding the participation in and engagement with these interventions.


In partnership with Pinellas County Schools
Treatment Works, created as a result of the Parkland School Shooting and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, is an intensive in-home service working with youth who have been identified by the Pinellas County School System as a threat to either themselves or others. Treatment Works service delivery design is modeled after our innovative diversion model, Family Works. The Integrated Decision Team will identify the needs and resources for the youth and their family and will establish creative and effective safety and treatment plans, delivering the right service at the right time to meet the safety needs of the children to ensure that they are stabilized and prepared to reenter their educational environment.


Our Child Safety and Family Preservation services are for families who have entered, or are at-risk of entering, the child welfare system. We help keep families from entering the system by providing intensive in-home services, and we also provide reunification services to families who are already involved in the child welfare system.

These services include:


In partnership with Juvenile Welfare Board
FIT provides intensive in-home services to parents who are living with a substance use disorder and who are involved with the child welfare system. By providing wrap-around services, FIT assists in reducing the impact parental substance use has on the family, community, and child welfare system. The FIT Team includes a Counselor to address therapeutic needs, a Case Manager to improve parents’ ability to access community resources, and a Peer Recovery Specialist to provide lived-experience mentoring.


Our System of Care program provides High Fidelity Wraparound Services to our community, which are very intensive supportive services that focus on children who have been involved with two or more systems of care, such as Juvenile Justice or the Child Welfare System. Wraparound is an evidence-based, strength-based, team-supported planning process to help create a highly individualized plan to address an individual or family’s complex emotional and behavioral needs. The goal is for Wraparound facilitators to engage the person or family in a team-based approach, helping them to identify their needs, their goals, and their strengths, and then use those strengths to achieve their individualized goals in order to have a better life and to have the confidence to navigate potential future challenges.


Our Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery services are centered on serving children, adults, and families in the Tampa Bay area who can benefit from enhanced or specialized programs for their needs.

These services include:


In partnership with Central Florida Behavioral Health Network
Through case management, we provide recovery-based and individualized supports including assessment, linkage, advocacy, and monitoring for adults and children with a severe and persistent mental illness.


In partnership with the Homeless Leadership Board and the Central Florida Behavioral Health Network
We help adults and families living without homes, or at risk of homelessness, by linking them to a variety of resources and providing psychiatric care throughout the community, including at local shelters.


In partnership with the Juvenile Welfare Board
ECC provides in-home parenting skills training for parents and on-site training for child care personnel. Our Early Childhood Specialists offer training in caring for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers (0-5) and provide coordination to our therapy services for those with more intensive behavioral and emotional problems.

*Great news! Our ECC team is now set up to conduct parenting sessions for individuals (parents of children 0-5) and groups (parents of children 0-8) via telehealth. This includes the six-module Nurturing Parenting program, which is offered in group sessions as well in individual in-home sessions for one-on-one needs. All sessions including group sessions are delivered via telehealth.

As children are out of school and caregivers are under more stress than ever, Directions for Living is here to assist our community’s parents. This will also be helpful to parents who were previously unable to complete parenting classes due to transportation or conflicting schedules.

If you would like more information, please reach out to Katie Schaffer at [email protected] or (727) 793-1257.


Directions for Living is proud to partner with Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company, to host a full service in-house pharmacy for the convenience of our clients to fill any or all of their medications. Click here for more information on the pharmacy.


We employ three Certified Recovery Peer Specialists, staff with their own lived experience of having severe mental illness, who assist clients through mentoring, advocacy, and other supports.


This program is designed to increase access to SSI/SSDI for adults who are experiencing or are at-risk of homelessness and have a mental illness, medical impairment, and/or a co-occurring substance use disorder. Directions for Living has four SOAR Benefit Specialists and a SOAR Coordinator for Pinellas County.


In partnership with the Central Florida Behavioral Health Network and the Juvenile Welfare Board
This is a service provided to children or adults seeking testing for a variety of psychological, cognitive, and / or behavioral disorders, from IQ to emotional functioning to autism spectrum tests and more.

Need additional resources beyond what we provide?