Updates regarding on-site services and the pharmacy located at Directions for Living’s Clearwater Center:

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, DFL has been quick to strictly limit the number of on-site services happening at our centers. Effective Monday, 4/13/20, we will be implementing even stricter protocol. The majority of services have been rescheduled to telehealth, and even fewer people will be on-site moving forward. The front door of our Clearwater Center will now be closed/locked to the public and only those who have an essential need will be allowed into the building. For access to the building, when you arrive, please call one of the following numbers:

  • To pick up a prescription –  727-533-9073
  • For injections or lab work –  727-524-4464, ext 1696  
  • When you arrive to see your doctor –  727-524-4464,  ext 0
  • For an open access intake –  727-524-4464,  ext 0

There will be signs posted at the front door with these phone numbers, as well.

In addition, no prescriptions may be picked up in-person at the second-floor pharmacy until further notice. However, DFL and Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy are committed to ensuring there is no interruption to your access to medications, so we are offering two options moving forward: 1) shipment to your home, or 2) curbside pick-up at Clearwater Center. Medications can be mailed to clients in the longest-lasting quantities (i.e. 60-day supply) as is appropriate for that individual, medication, and circumstance. To initiate shipment of your medication to your home, please contact the pharmacy at 727-533-9073. If you would prefer to utilize the curbside pick-up option, please park at DFL’s Clearwater Center (1437 South Belcher Road) and call 727-533-9073 to request a pharmacy team member to come to your vehicle to process payment and deliver your prescriptions.


March 20, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of limiting social contact to protect both staff and clients, Directions for Living is making key modifications to our service provision while still prioritizing the important services you, our community, count on from us.

To date, Directions for Living has made the following modifications to our operations:

  • We continue to accept new clients. Please call 727-524-4464 to schedule a new appointment, convert your current appointment to a telehealth appointment, or ask questions.
  •  Some of DFL services* are now being provided via telehealth (video) or telephonically (audio) while all field programs are providing face-to-face services in our client’s homes or preferred locations.
    *This includes: Children’s Outpatient, Assisted Outpatient Treatment, Treatment Works, Homeless Services, SOAR, Family Intensive Treatment, Baby CAT, Early Childhood Consultation, Psychological Services, and Mental Health Case Management
  • In light of Children’s Outpatient services moving to telehealth, DFL has closed the Largo Center for the time being.
  • Some essential in-person care is still being provided at Clearwater Center. These in-clinic services are now being provided only on the first floor.
  • Clients who need to visit the pharmacy on-site at our Clearwater Center are allowed access to the pharmacy one at a time.
  • Adults receiving long acting injectable medications are being served one at a time on-site at Clearwater Center, with no use of waiting rooms.
  • All clients, visitors, and staff on-site at Clearwater Center (essential appointment, pharmacy, and injectable medications) are being screened, including a temperature test, prior to entering the building.

In addition to Directions for Living services, we also want to share some community resources relevant to this crisis which may be of assistance to our clients:

If you would like to donate to Directions for Living to assist us as we continue to provide life-saving services to our clients throughout Pinellas County during this pandemic, please click here.

DFL is continuing to monitor the situation closely and following the recommendations of the CDC, World Health Organization, and the Florida Department of Health. DFL is making operational decisions in 15-day increments. As additional updates and specific service delivery plans are available, this webpage will be updated and posts will be made to our Facebook page.

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Directions for Living is pleased to announce its support of How Right Now, an initiative that aims to address people’s feelings of grief, loss and worry during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers information and support to help people cope and be resilient during this time. This initiative is made possible with funding through the CDC Foundation. DFL and many other national, regional and local organizations are working together to help improve individual and community resilience. Visit to explore the resources. Additional resources are being developed and will be made available.