BabyCAT is a community service program that works in-home with parents that are seeking to understand their children’s behaviors, keep their children safe, reduce the potential of incurring child welfare, DJJ, or other involuntary or court system involvement. BabyCAT focuses on parents or caregivers that have at least one child age 0-5. The team consists of sub teams made up of a counselor, a case manager, and a subject matter expert. BabyCAT will have frequent IDT staffing’s to bring all parties to the table to discuss the progress and any barriers that for the parents, as well as to ensure that the correct services are being provided to assist the family.

BabyCAT focuses on creating a supportive environment for parents of children ages birth to five and also accepts referrals from the school system and child welfare agencies for those youth who are identified by their behaviors at school as at risk and could benefit from wraparound services.

Eligibility Requirements: A family must have at least one child age 0-5, prioritizing families at Campbell Park Elementary and Kings Hwy Elementary, but can take other referrals from the community for Pinellas families.


FIT is an intensive, wrap-around treatment program for parents with at least one child under 10 years old that are involved with child welfare due to substance misuse. By providing wrap-around services, FIT assists in reducing the impact parental substance use has on the family, community, and child welfare system. The FIT Team includes a Counselor to address therapeutic needs, a Case Manager to improve parents’ ability to access community resources, and a Peer Recovery Specialist to provide lived-experience mentoring.


High Fidelity Wraparound provides a teaching model to families using the youth’s voice and their vision for their future.  It assists the family in completing an individualized family support plan and teaches them how to work through potential crisis in the future. The program helps the family coordinate with their providers and teaches them to advocate for themselves. The families will work with a Facilitator, Peer Mentor, and Counselor and family team meetings are held frequently.

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